North Idaho Lung, Asthma and Critical Care Relies on PDFfiller to help manage the office’s document workflow
PDFfiller makes office administration easier
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The NILACC team brings over seventy years of cumulative experience to treating pulmonary issues.
North Idaho Lung, Asthma and Critical Care (NILACC), are experts in pulmonary care. Julie Cox is an integral part of the NILACC team and manages NILACC’s back-office work, working as the facility’s business manager, attending to physician scheduling, and dealing with payroll and credentialing issues. Her work routinely involves administrative work and it was Cox that was responsible for making the transition from paperless to PDFFiller.
The Problem

Whereas NILACC had previously relied on pen and paper to complete all of their documents, “it took way too much time and was hard to keep track of,” said Cox. Because Cox is responsible for handling a significant amount of the paperwork and administrative work at NILACC, she needed a streamlined solution for her document management.

In a fast-paced healthcare environment, there is no room for error -- patient intake and doctor credentialing has to be seamless. Errors can cause doctor mistakes and affect the wellbeing of NILACC’s patients and the fundamentals of their practice.

The Solution
Going digital with PDFfiller means that it is easier for Cox to communicate patient data with physicians, correcting, adding or transmitting critical information in order to make sure everybody is as informed as possible: “I am able to send forms out to the physicians to look at and then when they let me know what changes to make it is easy to go in and fix them,” she said. Ultimately, PDFfiller streamlined NILACC’s workflow, it “helped not only with time management but also the ability to pull up and change documents from anywhere,” making it faster and easier than ever to edit, send, and sign documents.
The Benefits of Using PDFfiller
PDFfiller doesn’t just save time -- it also makes administrative work easier. Moreover, because Cox often works remotely, she can rely on PDFfiller to help transmit her documents to doctors instantly and electronically.
Cost Savings
Not only does PDFfiller makes document management and distribution faster and easier, it also makes it cheaper. Electronic storage is cheaper than reams of paper kept in massive filing cabinets and a streamlined document workflow cuts down on administrative overhead.
Green Benefits
Because PDFfiller cuts down on paper usage, streamlining your document workflow also helps NILACC go green. Cox has been able to eliminate waste paper and lower NILACC’s ecological footprint.
“I've cut down on paper use significantly and no longer have a gigantic stack of filing”

Julie Cox
NILACC business manager