Signing Academic and Administrative Documents Has Never Been Simpler
Professor Yun Wang uses PDFfiller to Send and Sign University Documents, sending them between Florida and Beijing instantly
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The University where Yun Wang works regularly collaborates with dozens of different universities all over the world.
Yun Wang works as a professor and researcher at one of the most renowned universities of traditional Chinese medicine studying Informatics and Engineering. Wang is currently a visiting scholar in the US, working in Florida studying molecular and cellular Pharmacology. Living far from his base in China, Wang relies on PDFfiller to facilitate his workflow and transfer of documents.
The Problem
Before he found PDFfiller, Yun Wang found himself in an awkward position: he needed to edit academic and administrative documents and send and sign contracts but in a new country, a new university, and a new office, the solution wasn’t clear. With his colleagues at his home university in Beijing now over seven thousand miles away, communication was difficult and sending documents and receiving answers promptly, even harder.
The Solution

For Wang, sending and signing documents instantly is paramount -- his research and collaboration with colleagues hinges on the speed at which he can sign and transmit these documents.

Because PDFfiller works completely online, there is no cumbersome software to download. Instead, Wang’s documents are available to edit, send, and sign instantly and electronically at any time and from any device, meaning he can focus more on his research and less on administrative concerns.

The Benefits of Using PDFfiller
PDFfiller allows Wang to transmit documents to his colleagues in China instantly. This facilitates communication between partners on different continents and helps makes their important work possible.
Mobile Access
Besides operability on all desktop systems, PDFfiller also works on any internet-connected device, including your smartphone and tablet, meaning you can edit, send, and sign documents anywhere and at any time.
Cost Savings
No need to buy a printer, no need to buy paper, no need to get a scanner. PDFfiller does it all. PDFfiller cuts down on the cost of mailing documents and eliminates the time cost of downloading, printing, scanning, and uploading documents.
“If an organization want to save time, save money and is in favor of a ‘green’ office, PDFfiller is a smart choice”

Yun Wang