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Business Letter Template


What is a business letter?

A business letter is a common way of formal communication. There are various reasons and subjects for composing such document. For instance, an employee wants to notify about a serious problem at a company or a person just need to attach a cover letter to his/her CV.

Procedure of composing a document

A person is not going to have any problems related to preparing such document, if downloads several business letter samples. First a person has to know is that business letters are always written for a specific purpose. It means that a person has to describe a purpose of writing as clearly as it is possible. Assure yourself that a document includes all necessary information concerning a subject of writing. Remember that you write with an object a counterparty to understand you.

According to business letter template, separate a document into several parts. There is a certain order of writing to make such document clear and easy to understand.

Here is an order of composing:

  • first type own address and date of composing;
  • write a name of an enterprise or a person you are applying to and address;
  • insert a formal style greeting, such as: Dear Sir/Madam, Ladies and Gentlemen etc.
  • write the main text of a document (here present its content or message);
  • put a formal style closing phrase such as: Sincerely, yours truly etc.
  • sign a complete document.

Each new idea should be put in a new paragraph. Request for further information that will help to solve a problem or make a decision relating to purpose of writing. For convenience use an electronic template for business letter. A person can easily add or delete the text and a special spell-check option won`t let to make mistakes. After preparing and checking a final document according to sample business letter, send it electronically or print and send by regular mail.