Employment Verification Letter Template

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Employment Verification Letter Template


What is an Employment Verification Template?

An Employment Verification letter is proof of an individual’s employment. You may need this document for a number of reasons. For example, if you want to rent an apartment or house, take a loan or apply for a new job, the interested party can ask you to provide a proof of employment letter sample signed by your current or former employer. In some cases a reliable job at a good company can be the deciding factor for making an important decision.

What is this template for?

The landlord or bank authority need to gather as much information about their potential client as possible.The Employment Verification Template is a certification of your stable income and ability to pay rent or make other required payments on time. It can also be necessary to verify the details added to your resume or application letter. An employee can request a verification letter directly from a business owner or supervisor or contact the HR department. The HR Department will give all the necessary instructions for the completion of the standard template.

How to fill out this template form

The Employment Verification Letter Example consists of two sections: tþhe first one is filled out by the employer, and the second - by the employee. The employee has to indicate personal information, professional skills and educational background. The employer is to add details about the employee’s job and salary. The employer also has to sign the verification form and add their name, email and date it.

The completed and signed document is forwarded to the employee. They can print it or download it in PDF or Word format for further use.