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Meeting Agenda Template


What is a meeting agenda?

A meeting agenda is a list of certain information regarding a meeting which includes issues to be considered. It shows a specific order of holding a meeting. Any well-organized meeting isn`t possible without a well-considered meeting agenda which allows you to reach desired goals in short terms. A document prepared in appropriate way will bring your meeting great success.

How to repare a document?

Making such document consists of several steps. You may start preparing a it from downloading several meeting agenda examples and choosing the most appropriate.

Here find a list of most important steps for preparing a proper document:

  • first provide all necessary details about the meeting in a meeting agenda template specifying date and time,
  • state a place where it`s going to be held (here a person should provide exact address and office);
  • list the members of meeting and their positions;
  • in the next paragraph present an objective of the meeting (if there are several of them, divide a paragraph into subparagraphs);
  • make a timetable for each issue to be considered (here a person should define how much time will be spent for each issue or time when the discussion of a certain issue will start);
  • have a little additional time left for questions at the close of discussion;
  • after a sample meeting agenda is prepared, check it attentively for mistakes in order to avoid further misunderstandings;
  • make sure that each empty box in document is filled in;
  • to make all participants of meeting aware of content of a document, send complete meeting agenda templates to them a few days prior to the meeting by email or send printed copies by registered mail.

It is possible to sign and share a document electronically with recipients. Remember that success of your meeting depends on quality of a document to great extent.