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How to Byline Alcohol Inventory

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Awesome, Love it. It is a good thing because I just didn't know they would charge me 9.00 dollars a month all at one time for the whole year upfront... Thanks for the heads up guys.
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good stuff...could be easier to get forms though.

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Place a bottle on the scale and record the weight. Bottle weight — tare weight = fluid ounces in bottle. To calculate your usage for each bottle, subtract the ending weight data from the starting weight data. It's important to remember to keep track of new bottles that are added between the start and end.
So 27.01 is your empty bottle weight.
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Alcohol meter is used to determine the volume of alcohol or proof. It is calibrated to the density of pure ethanol and is only to be used on pure, distilled spirits. Hydrometer, on the other hand, is calibrated to the density of water and is used during the pre-fermentation and post-fermentation phase.
If you can't find your drink in our unit and calorie counter, work out your alcohol units for yourself with this handy sum: Strength (ABV) x Volume (ml) divided by 1000 = No. of units.
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Stay Focused on Food. Drink specials are a given, but don't forget food. Group Think. Buffet Your Way to More Bar Business. Social Media for Beer Lovers. Try Snapchat. Social Influencer Marketing. Go Live. Live Trivia Night.
Count Everything. Every. Calculate Inventory Usage. Calculating inventory usage is straight-forward and mega-important. Identify Product Variance. Calculate Pour Cost. Setting Par Level Inventory. Cutting Down on Sitting Inventory. Be Consistent. Train Your Staff.
Select “File," and click "New" to open a new spreadsheet. Name the file first and save the spreadsheet before doing anything. Select a name that makes sense and store the file in a directory where you will be able to access it later. Create a directory called “Liquor Inventory" or some other such name.
Duties of a Bar Manager. Jump In and Love Your Job. Offer More Than One Drink. Understand Your Target Market and Competition. Keep Your Menu Fresh. Mingle and Build Relationships With Customers. Keep a Clean and Tidy Bar. Hire Employees With a Great Attitude.
Inventory Usage = 12 bottles Expressed in dollars, if the average bottle of liquor costs the bar $15, the inventory usage in dollars is (12 x $15) = $180. You can use this amount to determine how you should price your drinks based on what you want your profit margin to be.
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Put the bottles back in the cabinet keeping them grouped in their categories. Place unopened or little used spirits at the back of the cabinet or in other hard to reach areas. Take note of the bottle size versus shelf size. If some bottles are too tall, you're going to have to find another place to store them.
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