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Farron R
VERY CONVENIENT!!!! I had something urgent to fill out and I couldn't fill out the form and this helped me to fill out and E sign as well as send it by email. Thankful I found the site. Needs to be advertised more. I could have used this years ago.
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ron l
These guys are a class act! They make it really hard to not like them. Thanks!
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Below is a list of the most common customer questions. If you can’t find an answer to your question, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

How do you use SUM fields in sort?

SORT SUM FIELDS. Note: The SUM control statement deletes records with equal control fields and optionally summarizes specified numeric fields on those records. If numeric fields are to be summarized, the data in the summary fields is added, the sum is placed in one of the records, and the other record is deleted.

What is sum fields in sort JCL?

The SUM control statement specifies that, whenever two records are found with equal sort or merge control fields, the contents of their summary fields are to be added, the sum is to be placed in one of the records, and the other record is to be deleted.

What is sort fields copy in JCL?

SORT FIELDS=COPY It is for copy records to output file 2. 20:10,3 - data at 10th position of input file with length 3 copied to 20th position of output file In above example, we can use OUTREC instread of INREC, INREC adds, deletes, or reformats fields before the records are sorted or merged.

What is include in JCL?

The INCLUDE statement contains one keyword parameter: MEMBER=name. Specifies the name of a member of a PDS or partitioned data set extended (PDSE) that contains the set of JCL statements (called an INCLUDE group) to be imbedded in the JCL stream.

How sort removes duplicates in JCL?

Sort a particular field or position in ascending or descending order. Removing the duplicate records from the file. To find a bad record from the list of records. Copy the input file by including or excluding a few/some records. Merging the fields from the input.

What is Syncsort in mainframe?

Syncsort is a batch sort utility that competes with IBM's DFSORT (current name). Syncsort was written originally in the 1970s to provide a then-better sort than the one supplied by IBM for its various mainframe operating systems. It is compatible with IBM's product.

What is Outfil in sort?

OUTFIL control statements allow you to create one or more output data sets for a sort, copy, or merge application from a single pass over one or more input data sets. OUTFIL processing begins after all other processing ends (that is, after processing for exits, options, and other control statements).

What is Removecc in sort?

REMOVECC parameter is used to remove the ANSI carriage control characters in your output records. NODETAIL tells SORT to process the data records in the usual way, but not to write them to the report data set. TRAILER1 tells SORT to write a report trailer.
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