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Kris H
So easy to use, endless applications. Makes home business much more efficient.
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User in Insurance
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I like the fact that PDF filler is very user friendly. I use it often in my insurance business
What do you dislike?
Not always easy to find specific forms for my business
What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?
It has made the use of filling out pre-set forms much more convenient.
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How does paying an employee work?

Employers must pay an employee at least the minimum wage. Employers are encouraged to pay employees at the work place. Employers must pay employees within 10 consecutive days from the end of the pay period, unless employment is terminated. An employee isn't considered paid until they've received the funds.

Can I pay my employees by the job?

Alberta employers must pay their employees at least the minimum wage. Most employees (full and part-time) are entitled to overtime pay. Employers must follow rules for paying employees and providing pay statements. Employers who want to keep an employment relationship may temporarily lay off an employee.

Can I pay an employee by the job?

Under both state and federal law, employers must pay at least minimum wage to employees. But one option has always been to pay a piece ratei.e., to pay employees on a per unit basis for every project completed.

How is a piece rate worker paid?

A piece-rate pay system means that the worker is paid per unit of creation. Whether the "unit of creation" is a clay pot or a piece of writing, a person is paid by individual output, no matter how long it takes.

What are my rights as an hourly employee?

Pay for Hours Worked Depending on company policy, hourly workers may be entitled to employee benefits, including vacation, sick time, life insurance, and health care for themselves and their families. In some cases, these benefits and the employer's contribution may be less than those offered to salaried employees.

What is an example of piecework?

Examples of calculating piecework They are paid $10 per necklace and produce 40 necklaces during the week. The employee would earn $400 that week. Piecework Pay = $10 per unit x 40 units. Piecework Pay = $400. Another employee earns different piece rates for various jobs.

What is the best way to pay employees?

Paycheck. You might consider paying your employees by either writing or printing payroll checks. Direct deposit. Direct deposit is the most common payment method used. Payroll cards. A pay card is another electronic funds alternative to direct deposit. Cash.

What are different ways to pay employees?

Employers have several options for paying employees cash, check, direct deposit, and payroll card. It can be difficult to choose which to use. Some payment methods might work better for your business and employees than other methods.
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