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LaTanya G
I found it to be very useful but expensive. I wish I would've had the option of paying monthly instead of a one time upfront transaction with no warning.
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Mary W.
As a real estate broker, I have used the PDF Filler to fill out contracts and personal forms. Ease of use. I was able to figure out how the software worked and used it within 15 minutes. This was great because I needed it as soon as I could get it working! I honestly believe the software can be figured out easily by the vast majority of people. If not, they should be able to get assistance easily.
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Below is a list of the most common customer questions. If you can’t find an answer to your question, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

How do I get text form field options?

In the Controls group click Legacy Tools and then click the Text Form Field tool. A field indicator appears in the document. Right-click the form field just entered and choose Properties from the resulting Context menu. The Text Form Field Options dialog box appears.

What is text form field?

A text form field allows users to enter text, numbers, symbols, or spaces into a form. With this type of Form Field, it is also possible to specify that the current date and time be inserted into the form. Place the insertion point to the right of the text, Name, in the form.

What is a text form field in Word?

Text Form Field - Inserts a Text Form field allowing users to insert text, numbers symbols and spaces. To add a text form field place the insertion point where you want the field to be placed and select. Word will insert the field { FORMTEXT } into the document. These field codes cannot be modiifed manually.

What are form fields?

What Is a Form Field? The form body contains Field elements that define how each element of the Web page appears and behaves. Each Field can contain other fields, each with its own display component. Form fields comprise several parts, which are encapsulated by the tag set: Value Expressions.

How do you create fields in Word?

Place the cursor in your document where you want to insert the field. From the Insert tab on the Ribbon, in the Text group, select Quick Parts and then select Field . In the Field dialog box, from the Field names list, select the field. You can filter this list by selecting Categories .

How do I link a form field in Word?

0:11 1:51 Suggested clip Adding a form field and cross-reference field in Microsoft Word | Mac YouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clip Adding a form field and cross-reference field in Microsoft Word | Mac

How do I insert a GREY text field in Word 2016?

Click the Insert tab in the main program menu Ribbon. In the Text tools group, click Text Box, followed by Draw Text Box. Draw the text box to your preferred size by dragging the placeholders at the corners and sides of the box object.

Why is there a GREY highlight on my Word document?

Click Advanced in the list of items on the left. Scroll down to the Show document content section and select an option from the Field shading drop-down list. Double-click the field or drag the mouse over it to select it. Then highlighting is added to the gray shading indicating the field is selected.
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