Filing a 941 tax form online

Whether you are the owner of a sole proprietorship, partnership or corporation, if you employ one or more employees, you will need to withhold federal income taxes and other payroll taxes from employee paychecks for the purposes of remittances to the IRS. You may then report the total amount of taxes withheld using the 941 tax form.
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Filling in the 941 form

Review your payroll records and your employee reports for any taxable tips. Then provide the following information:
The number of employees you employ
The total amount of wages you’ve paid
The amount of taxes you’ve withheld
Include adjustments for tips and sick pay and any other over or under payments. The amount for Social Security insurance should equal 6.2% for each employee’s salary that makes up to $132,900 for 2019. This amount includes 1.45% of all taxable wages for Medicare tax.

Important details
If you’ve made errors filling the 941 form, use the 941-X form to correct them.
Employers whose annual liability for social security, Medicare and withheld federal income taxes is $1,000 or less must file and pay these taxes once a year with the annual version of the 944 form.
Use the 941 form information to fill out the annual W-3 form. The total amounts you report on the four 941 forms must equal the total amount you report on the W-3 form by the end of a year. This also applies to the W-2 form you distribute to your employees. If something doesn’t match, the IRS will notify you.
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Dates: deadlines for each quarter (even if no employees are present within one or more quarters) are April 30, July 31, October. 31 and January. 31.
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Extensions: seasonal employers who don’t pay employee wages during some quarters, for example, employers of household workers or employers of agricultural employees.
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Penalties: if you fail to e-file the 941 form on time you will need to pay 5% of the tax due with that return for each month or for part of the month for which the return was late. In case you paid less than you owe, the IRS will charge you 2 −15% of your underpayment, depending on how far you’ve exceeded the time limit.

E-file your tax forms directly to the IRS

According to new IRS rules, those that file their tax refund forms online will be the first to receive their refunds.
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Pay IRS taxes online

According to the National Society of Accountants, filing one tax form with a tax adviser will cost you $200 on average. On the other hand, paying taxes online allows you to avoid filing preparation fees and still get it right. By filing the 941 form electronically, you eliminate the hassle of traditional pen-and-paper processes while experiencing additional benefits:
Time saved
Ensured security and accuracy
Signed electronically
Filled in forms in a Web-based interface
Received an acknowledgment from the IRS within 24 hours
Convenient access from anywhere, anytime, using a browser

IRS Forms with Versions and Schedules

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Don t use Form 941-V to make federal tax deposits. Use Form 941-V when making any payment with...
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