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Use the new Analyze Settlement tool to discover: The Settlement Address The date the land was acquired (and in case of land transactions, the name, address and tax ID number) The ownership structure of the property. You can share your findings by leaving a comment on a property, by providing feedback by email to and by providing feedback at the Property List page. Project will not be responsible to users of the Property List for the content of any comments left on the Property List or submitted via email to ’Get answers to your financial questions.’ (including: Tax & Insurance Questions) ’Get settlement and financial information for your estate. ’Manage Estate Trust Accounts — including: Tax, Financials, Custody, Expenses, etc. Here's what's expected from our users: — If you are a real estate agent it would be fantastic if you could send us your document collection for review and feedback. — If you are a real estate investor it means we can help you find the documents you need to sell your property. Take a Break from Excel — Learn to Live with the Biggest Utility in Your Office The new iPad gives you an expansive and flexible workspace to work in, and Microsoft Office Mobile Office apps for iOS and Android are the best apps to start your workday. Microsoft Office Mobile apps for iOS and Android: Share your knowledge — If you're a professional, or just someone who works at a café or other coffeehouse, you can now post your office hours, presentations, and tasks on the web. These applications also have quick-share functionality, so you can send out a quick “hello, how are you doing?” to your coworkers or friends. Work on your documents — If you need to make quick edits, such as cutting and pasting words and tables, we've made it easy for you. Copy-paste, cut, and re-arrange your text, documents, slides, and graphics on your devices, as well as edit them, before sharing them with anyone in your network. Use powerful collaboration tools — While the built-in collaboration features are great, Microsoft Office Mobile also has powerful capabilities that allow users to work together from anywhere in the world.

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In geotechnical engineering, settlement is defined as the vertical movement of the ground, generally caused be changes in stresses within the earth. ... Settlement is most likely to occur when increased vertical stresses are applied to the ground on or above soft or loose soil strata.
Over consolidated Soil: A soil that has experienced a vertical effective stress that was. Greater than its present vertical effective stress is called an over consolidated (OC) soil.
Consolidation is the term that refers to slow expulsion of water from the soil mass and decrease in its volume due to some constant applied load. ... A ratio called over-consolidation ratio(OCR) is used to define the consolidation state of soil with respect to past.
The “over-consolidation ratio” (OCR) is defined as the highest stress experienced divided by the current stress. A soil that is currently experiencing its highest stress is said to be “normally consolidated” and has an OCR of one.
Clay and Organic soil are most prone to consolidation settlement. Consolidation is the process of reduction in volume due to expulsion of water under an increased load. It is a time related process occurring in saturated soil by draining water from void.
ELASTIC SETTLEMENT OF FOOTINGS In cases where a loaded area such as a footing for a building, is located on a soil deposit, which may be idealized as an elastic solid, the settlement caused by the load may be calculated by means of the elastic displacement equation.
Primary Consolidation. It is defined as the process in which the soil volume decreases. ... Here, e 0 is the initial void ratio, c is the consolidation settlement, are the final and initial vertical stress and H is the compressible soil height.
Settlement in a structure refers to the distortion or disruption of parts of a building due to. Unequal compression of its foundations; shrinkage, such as that which occurs in timber-framed buildings as the frame adjusts its moisture content; or. undue loads being applied to the building after its initial construction.
coefficient of volume compressibility. The compression of a clay (guitar) per unit thickness, due to a unit increase of effective stress, in the load range exceeding consolidation stress. It is expressed by the equation in which e0 is the initial void ratio. Units are usually cm2/kg [21].
Virgin compression. The term 'Virgin compression' as it applies to the area of reclamation can be defined as Compression corresponding to stress greater than the consolidation stress'.
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