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Attaching Sticky Notes to PDFs

Sometimes, when completing a PDF form we don’t know the exact answer to a particular question or need feedback from the document recipient. In situations like this, you can add comments to PDF documents online.

In the past, you probably had to print the form and write your comments on the margins of the paper copy. Depending on your handwriting, the form might not have been very tidy and pleasant to look at. Now there is a far easier way to comment PDFs online. pdfFiller's simple but powerful document editor allows you to attach sticky notes with comments and remove them when they are no longer needed.

To get started, upload a form to your account or open a document that’s already there. Select the Sticky tool in the main toolbar, click where you want to place the note and type your comment. To resize the sticky note, drag its corners or edges. Change the font and its size by choosing from the drop-down lists.
You can underline, italicize or make your text bold.
Change position of the text using the vertical and horizontal alignment tools.
To change the color of your text, click the text color box and select the color you want.
To change the background color, click the Box icon and select the color from the palette.
To link the sticky note to a web page,click the Hyperlink button.
In the dialog window that will open next, type the URL of the web page, then click Save. To delete the sticky note, click the trash can icon above it.
To learn more about how to add comments to PDF documents online, please watch the following video:
If you like being able to add comments to PDF documents, you might be interested in a whole lot of other great features that pdfFiller has to offer. Some of these include highlighting, blacking out or erasing text, drawing lines and arrows, and adding pictures. Check out these tutorials to see the other great things that pdfFiller can do for you!

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Gerald K
It helped a lot, even though I did not use it that much. However, when I needed it, it was invaluable.
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Incredibly easy to use Incredibly easy to use. PDFfiller is turning small business owners into overnight accounting experts. Our thinking.
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For pdfFiller’s FAQs

Below is a list of the most common customer questions. If you can’t find an answer to your question, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.
How do I add comments to a PDF in Google Drive?
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Can I write on a PDF in Google Drive?
Google Drive can automatically transform any PDF into a Google Doc, allowing you to edit the text as you will. Even text in images will transfer over to this document, thanks to Drive's built in OCR capability.
Why can't I add a sticky note to a PDF?
The document is a PDF/A file that does not allow modifications. This is usually indicated by an info bar at the top of the document. The document was not saved with extended rights for Reader to allow that annotations are added.
How do I upload a fillable PDF to Google Drive?
All You Need Is a Google Drive Add-On Drag and drop the PDF form into your Google Drive to upload it. Open the PDF form. With your PDF form displayed, click the Open with option on top of the document.
How do I fill in a PDF form on Google Drive?
On your Android device, open the Google Drive app. Tap the PDF you want to fill out. At the bottom, tap Fill out form. Enter your information in the PDF form. At the top right, tap Save.
Can you upload a PDF to Google Drive?
Open in your browser. You can click-and-drag the PDF from your file browser, or you can click New followed by File Upload and browse to the file you want to upload. Once the file uploads, you'll see it among your documents. Click the PDF to see a preview.
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