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Stuck working with different programs to create and sign documents? Use this solution instead. Use our editor to make the process efficient. Create fillable forms, contracts, make document templates, integrate cloud services and other features within one browser tab. You can use Signed Cleaning Quote right away, all features are available instantly. Get the value of full featured program, for the cost of a lightweight basic app. The key is flexibility, usability and customer satisfaction.

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User in Entertainment
What do you like best?
This just helps a ton when I need to edit a pdf on my computer. I used to export PDFs as a jpeg and edited the photo and it was super stupid but this is perfect because I never have to try to remember how I edited a PDF the last time I did it.
What do you dislike?
It’s a little clumsy and took a bit for me to figure it out, which means I’m not excellent at explaining how to use it to other people that aren’t technologically inclined, but it still works really well.
What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?
I need to edit release forms and vouchers on a daily basis for my models and it’s a breeze with this extension on my laptop.
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Greta kit Greta kit and was able to do some much with it and will use again.
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For pdfFiller’s FAQs

Below is a list of the most common customer questions. If you can’t find an answer to your question, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

How do you quote a cleaning job?

Multiply the time by the hourly labor charge. For example, if you find it will take two hours to clean an office suite and your labor rate is $30 per hour, the price per visit works out to $60. For large offices, it may be appropriate to convert the hourly rate to a rate per square foot.

How much should I charge to clean an office?

Normally $30 to $50 per hour is the charge for a small office (less than 1200 to 2000 square feet). This service package will include emptying the trash, dusting and vacuuming. The office cleaning prices will increase if there are additional services.

Where can I bid on cleaning contracts?

Now you're ready to bid on government cleaning contracts! But where do you find them? Fortunately, there are a few websites where you can look up and bid on government contracts. Sites like,, and are all great resources for federal contracts.

How do I bid for a medical office cleaning?

Call the office manager and get an idea of what the square footage is of the medical office space that needs to be cleaned. Create a bid based upon square footage and charge anywhere from $18- to $20 per squire foot or if the office space is small, then charge by the job.

How much does it cost to get my office cleaned?

Office cleaned up to 12,000 Sq Ft Generally ranges between $0.09 to $0.16/SQ FT. Offices cleaned via hourly rates cost between $50 to $100/hour.

How do you write a cleaning contract?

Step 1: Title of Your Contract. A title should concisely describe what the contract is all about. Step 2: Describe What You Do. Both parties should be able to describe the appropriate services needed. Step 3: Payment. Step 4: Other Specifications. Step 5: Signature.

How can I get out of a cleaning contract?

Start by reviewing the current agreement. Some, not all, agreements do not have a cancellation clause. Organize Your Communications. Draft Your Termination Letter. Send the Letter. Have the Final Details Ready.

How do you make a cleaning quote?

To give a customer an estimate, add the times for the areas given by the customer, divide those times by 60 to get how long it will take to clean and multiply that number by your hourly rate. For example, 200/60 = 3.33 x $30 = $100. The number you get will be the amount you charge your customer.

How do I get a cleaning contract?

Create a website. Partner with local organizations. Provide exceptional service throughout the bidding process. Establish a referral program.

How much should I charge for commercial cleaning services?

If you are paying hourly, you can expect to pay between $20 and $30 an hour for commercial cleaning. If your service provider charges by square footage, you can expect to pay between 5 and 55 cents per square foot. Generally the larger the office, the lower the cost per square foot.

How much does it cost to deep clean a house?

On average, a deep clean costs between $200 and $400, depending on the size of your house. Standard routine cleanings after that initial visit typically cost between $100 and $150.

What is the average price per square foot for house cleaning?

It's possible to see commercial cleaning rates per square foot range from $0.05 to $0.55. So why is there such a wide range you might ask? It's because there's more factors that go into the cleaning cost than the area that needs to be cleaned.

How much does it cost to clean a 1300 square foot house?

Those who reside in a single-story home that's around 1,300 square-feet can expect to pay between $80 and $150 for every other week cleanings. And those who own a two-story home that's 2,200 square-feet who need their home cleaned every two weeks will pay between $100 and $180 each month.

What is a professional house cleaning checklist?

Dust all surfaces, including all furniture, appliances, baseboards, chair rails, blinds, window frames, fans, stair railings, pictures, mirrors, and light fixtures. Spot clean switches, outlet covers, cabinet fronts, and doors. Vacuum any carpets or rugs. Sweep or vacuum hard floor surfaces and damp mop them.

What is the fastest way to clean a house?

Suggested clip How To Clean Your House Fast: Clean With Me! | Hayley Paige YouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clip How To Clean Your House Fast: Clean With Me! | Hayley Paige
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