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Did you ever need to attach your picture to a PDF form that you had to submit online?

In the past, you probably had to use services of a professional photographer to get a high quality picture of a certain size. Then you would print out the form and glue the photo to it. After completing the form, you would either scan it or send a hard copy to wherever it needed to go. Besides needing a printer and a scanner, the whole process was just too time consuming and required some expenses.

Now there is a far easier way to insert pictures into PDF documents. You can simply use PDFfiller!

To get started, upload a document to your account, open it in the editor and select the Picture icon in the main toolbar to open the Image Wizard.

Insert Pictures Into PDFs Online with PDFfiller

You can either upload a picture that you already have or take a new one using your webcam.

Insert Pictures Into PDFs Online with PDFfiller account

To upload a picture from your computer, click the Upload button.

Insert Pictures Into PDFs Online using PDFfiller

Before inserting the picture in the document, you can crop, rotate and flip it, change its background, and adjust its brightness and contrast.

Insert Pictures Into PDFs Online for edit with PDFfiller

To insert the picture into the document, just click on it in the Image Wizard. Move or resize it for a perfect fit using the mini toolbar.

Edit and Insert Pictures Into PDFs Online with PDFfiller

You can also take a picture using your webcam and add it to the document. Select a picture size to the right of your camera image, click Take, then click Use to proceed.

Insert Pictures Into PDFs Online edits with PDFfiller

The window that will open next allows you to crop the image, adjust its brightness and contrast, flip and rotate it, or enhance it otherwise. After you've finished editing your picture, click Save and Use to add it to your document immediately or select Save to use the picture later.

Insert Pictures Into PDFs Online edits with PDFfiller account

You can easily remove the picture, just select it and click the trash can icon above.

To learn more about how to insert pictures into PDFs online, please watch the following video:

Youtube video

When you use PDFfiller to insert a picture into a PDF document, you get the image of the precise dimensions and you place it exactly where it should be attached. And even better, you save yourself a lot of time!

If you like being able to insert pictures into PDF documents, you might be interested in a range of other great features that PDFfiller has to offer. Some of these include drawing, adding sticky notes, text boxes and fillable fields. Check out these tutorials to see the other great things that PDFfiller can do for you!

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  • How do I access my documents?
    Your documents are accessible anytime from anywhere using any device connected to the internet. You can use a computer, smartphone, tablet, etc. Simply Login and go to "My Forms" page to Fill, Edit, Sign, Share, Print, and Fax or do anything else with the documents in your account.
  • Can I type multiple lines when I have a lot of text?
    Yes. Just use "Enter" to create a line break. You can also paste large chunks of text and use Enter to restructure the lines.
  • Can I paste text to the document?
    Yes. Just right click on the form and click on "Paste" from the menu.
  • How do I enter data into spaced cells?
    If you are entering any number, such as a date, simply use the Space button to position the digits in the right place.
  • How do I adjust the view size in the Editor?
    To adjust viewing size of forms, begin by clicking the "View" button. You can then zoom in or zoom out by dragging the adjustment bar. You can also select "Auto Fit" which automatically adjusts the size of the document to meet you screen's width.
  • How do I change font settings?
    To change font settings, begin by clicking on the "Font" button. You can then change the font type, adjust the size and color. You can also, change text in to bold, underline, and italics.
  • How do I insert (add) check (circle or cross) icons (images) to my documents?
    To add check (circle or cross) icons to your documents, begin by clicking on one of the "Check", "Circle", and "Cross" buttons and simply drag them to your desired location on the document.