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Did you ever need to get an individual or a group of people to edit or sign a PDF document? Even if you work together or live in the same city this might present a difficulty. But what if the collaborators live in different cities or even countries?

You can simply use PDFfiller to edit, comment and sign the same PDF document together with your colleagues or partners.

When you’ve finished editing your document, click the arrow near Done and select Share in the drop-down menu.

Create Sharable PDFs Online with PDFfiller

Enter your first recipient’s email and name, then click Add Recipient to add up to ten recipients.

Create Sharable PDFs Online with PDFfiller account

Set the sharing mode Can view, Can edit, Can sign for each recipient from the drop-down to the right of their names.

Create Sharable PDFs Online using PDFfiller

Press the Settings button above to continue. You can personalize the email your recipient will get by selecting a template Formal, Informal, Casual, editing the subject and the message with your request by typing over the default text for each.

Create Sharable PDFs Online for edit with PDFfiller

Your business card will be created based on the contact information you have provided.

Edit and Create Sharable PDFs Online with PDFfiller

Set the reminder for the recipient to make sure they don’t miss your document.

Create Sharable PDFs Online edits with PDFfiller

To send your invitation to collaborate, click Share in the top right corner. An email with the direct link to the document will be sent to each recipient.

Collaborators can make changes based on the permissions you’ve set for each. They will be able to print, save or send the document when they’ve edited or signed it.

To view the shared document’s settings and changes made, go to MY DOCS > OUTBOX > Share. If you have sent the document to three recipients, three copies of the same document will appear in the Share folder.

Create Sharable PDFs Online edits with PDFfiller account

To add or remove collaborators or to modify permissions, select the document and click Settings.

To learn more about how to share documents, please watch the following video:

Youtube video

When you use PDFfiller to share a document with your colleagues, you can edit, comment and sign the same document on any internet-connected device.

If you like being able to share PDF documents online, you might be interested in a whole lot of other great features that PDFfiller has to offer. Some of these include creating templates, making copies of documents, converting PDF documents to Word, Excel or PowerPoint formats. Check out these tutorials to see the other great things that PDFfiller can do for you!

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General Questions About Creating Sharable PDFs Online

  • Video: How to Collaborate with Share from PDFfiller
    Some great organizations that use PDFfiller
  • Video: Collaborate on Documents Online with Share from PDFfiller
    Some great organizations that use PDFfiller
  • Can I share my documents with another user?
    Yes.'s Share feature allows you to share your documents with other users. You can also grant them access to edit your documents or for read only.
  • Can I collaborate on editing a document in
    Yes.'s Share feature allows you to collaborate on editing the same document by sharing the document with other users.
  • When I share my document, does the person I share with need an account on
    The recipient will be required to have a account but does not need a subscription to access the shared documents. However, a subscription will be needed to access other features such as print, email, fax, or SendToSign.
  • Where can I access shared documents?
    You will get an email notification when a shared document is sent to you. A account is required to access the document. Click the "Share" tab on "My Forms" page and collaborate with other users in the same document.
  • What's the difference between "Share" and "SendToSign"?
    To work on the same document and get feedback instantly, you can use the "Share" feature to collaborate with others. All users need to have a account to access to the shared document. If you need to get a third-party to sign your document, you should use "SendToSign" and get your forms filled out or signed easily and quickly. The signing party does not need a account.
  • Can anyone join my shared documents or must they be subscribers?
    No, they do not need be subscribers to get invited to share documents. However, they will need a subscription to use the print, email, fax, or SendToSign features.
  • How can I collaborate/share with others using
    You can share your project files by clicking the "Share" button in the"My Forms" page. will email the shared documents to the users you've selected. When your document is received, you can work with other users to edit, fill, sign and make changes together.
  • Can I lock the shared document for editing?
    Yes. You can make your shared documents read-only. Before emailing the shared file, you can set it as full or read-only access.